Dear Friends:

The 2014 Legislative Session concluded in March. Thanks in part to the members of our bipartisan Clean Air Caucus, which I founded and co-chair, and tremendous public support, this was the best session we have ever had for air quality legislation. I was able to pass four clean air bills.  In addition, the Legislature passed five other bills designed to improve our air quality, and provided considerable new funding to help the Division of Air Quality have the tools they need to do a much better job protecting our air.  As we all know, there is a lot more work to do to clean up our air. I am continuing to meet with many individuals and groups that have good ideas.

In addition to air quality legislation, many of the bills I co-sponsored passed this session. These included campaign reform legislation, human trafficking amendments, improvements to our law on in-state tuition for military service members and veterans, rape kit processing amendments, and an election day voter registration pilot project. As in past sessions, I spent a significant amount of time working to amend or defeat bad proposals, particularly in the education committee that I have served on for many years.

The Legislature continues working all year round in Interim committee and task force meetings. You are welcome to join us at the Capitol or listen online at www.le.utah.gov.

Last Spring I filed for re-election. I hope to have the honor of continuing to represent House District 36 in the Utah Legislature. Please let me know if you would like to be involved in the campaign. I would greatly appreciate your help and support!

Best regards,


Representative Patrice Arent
Utah House of Representatives – District 36
Co-Chair and Founder – Clean Air Caucus
801-272-1956 (home)

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