One of Utah's most effective legislators, Patrice has passed over 80 bills to improve our quality of life. She has opposed legislation that wastes government resources and tax dollars.

Some of the legislation Patrice has passed includes laws that:

  • Improve Utah's air quality
  • Create penalties for the personal use of campaign funds
  • Prohibit smoking in a vehicle when a child is a passenger
  • Provide for the safe relinquishment of newborns ("baby drop-off law")
  • Prevent tax fraud by banning sales-suppression software
  • Protect students with asthma and diabetes
  • Save taxpayer dollars by preventing government waste
  • Make government records more accessible to the public
  • Giving prosecutors better tools to stop identity theft
  • Close loopholes in Utah's campaign finance laws
  • Protect seniors who sign pre-need funeral contracts
  • Improve patient access to their own medical records
  • Give law enforcement new tools to stop clandestine drug labs
  • Prevent price gouging during emergencies
  • Protect consumers from the unfair cancellation of auto insurance
  • Help improve college and career training for counselors