Patrice believes in the importance of focusing on the issues that directly impact our quality of life. Some of her legislative priorities include:

Air Quality and
the Environment

Patrice is a leader in the fight for clean air and a staunch advocate for responsible stewardship of our environment. She believes that all Utahns deserve clean air, clean water and a land free of dangerous pollution.

  • Patrice is the Founder and Co-Chair of the biparitsan Clean Air Caucus. She has passed many bills to improve Utah's air quality and give the Division of Air Quality the tools it needs to more effectively do its job. She will continue to advocate for effective solutions to Utah's air quality problems, including adequate funding for monitoring & enforcement, research and the CARROT (clean air) fund that she created.
  • Patrice has fought to make sure that industrial polluters are held accountable for violations of our environmental laws. 
  • Patrice will continue to promote policies to encourage water conservation and responsible management of our natural resources.


Patrice believes in a first-class education for every child. She knows that investing in Utah's schools enriches our children's lives today and creates business leaders and skilled workers for tomorrow.

  • Patrice has voted to reduce class size, provide better teacher and counselor training and expand opportunities in public and higher education.
  • Patrice will continue to promote meaningful reforms, including programs that encourage excellence in teaching and parental involvement.
  • Patrice opposes legislation that micromanages our schools.  She believes that professional educators and our elected school boards should be making decisions about curriculum, with input from parents and students.


Patrice believes in promoting high-quality jobs and a competitive workforce.

  • Patrice understands that most Utah jobs come from Utah's small businesses. She has been a long-time advocate for policies that help local businesses create quality jobs here in Utah.
  • Patrice will support educational and vocational programs to help Utah's workforce become more competitive in an ever-changing global marketplace.


Civility, Collaboration and Citizen-Centered Leadership

Elected officials should work together collaboratively and always be civil with each other. Partisan bickering does not solve the problems facing our state.

  • Civility:  Patrice has always worked to restore civility to government. She believes that leaders should rely on the strength of their ideas - not name calling - when promoting legislation. And while they may not always achieve unity on issues, our elected officials should always strive for mutual respect. Patrice will continue to promote an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives, but will not tolerate personal attacks.
  • Collaboration:  Sound public policy is the product of healthy debate and bipartisan collaboration. Patrice understands the importance of working across party lines. As the Founder and Co-Chair of the bipartisan Clean Air Caucus, she has shown how it is possible to put good public policy above politics. Patrice will continue to encourage legislators to work together to advance the interests of all Utahns.
  • Citizen-centered leadership:  We rightfully expect legislators to make decisions that reflect our priorities and use tax dollars wisely. Sadly, Patrice fears that some elected officials have lost sight of those guiding principles, resulting in lost time and wasted money. She will continue to promote sensible, citizen-centered legislation on issues that matter to you.